LiveU Solo

LU Solo

Solo is for Creators

The LiveU Solo video encoder offers one-touch, wireless live streaming, directly from your camera to popular online platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch. It makes going live SIMPLER. It allows content creators to deliver professional quality video without a large crew, lots of equipment or technical streaming expertise. With LiveU Solo, all types of live streaming become reliable and affordable: Outdoor Live Streaming, Lifestreaming, In Real Life (IRL), live podcasts, table top gaming (TTG), events, concerts and more!

6 Top Reasons to Use Solo Live Streaming Solution

  • Start streaming within seconds: just plug in your camera and go live at the push of a button
  • Keep more viewers engaged with a reliable, high-quality stream
  • Send a high-quality stream from remote locations or in congested network environments such as heavy crowds
  • Get out of the studio or away from your computer, or game system, and stream in HD from anywhere
  • Deliver HD live videos to all popular online platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch
  • Stream like a pro for an affordable price



The Solo Family

LiveU Solo wireless streaming encoder includes multiple options allowing you to select the one that meets your professional needs:

 LiveU Solo HDMI + SDI Wireless Streaming Encoder: Fully bonded, portable live streaming device for truly wireless and high quality social media live streaming online. Allows both use of SDI and HDMI camera inputs.

LiveU Solo HDMI Wireless Streaming Encoder: All the same features of Solo, but with HDMI input only

Solo Live App (Coming Soon): iOS Live Streaming Application that gives you LiveU bonding, right from your phone

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