Embracing The Environment

Deltech Professional Services

Statement of Environmental Practices

Deltech Communications Group Inc.

One of Deltech’s core attributes as service focused company is the quality of care that we provide to our customers. We also extend that care to the environment. It has proven to be both forward looking and fiscally rewarding. Deltech embraces environmental concern on several fronts. We serve our customers’ needs to deliver technology gains that have derivative benefits for the environment; we accept our partners’ initiatives as the way of doing business; and we apply environmental awareness on a daily basis in the way we operate. As such, Deltech will routinely act on opportunities to be a smarter, more efficient and more environmentally conscious business.

Our in-house initiatives are demonstrated successes that focus on both the environment and well-being of our people:

  • An office workflow skewed towards a paperless office. By default, Deltech accommodates all faxes and performs most of its copying in the digital medium, and offers broadly distributed content like its newsletter in electronic form only;
  • Conversion of all high energy devices like display monitors to late-model and high-rated Energy Star models;
  • Use of small form-factor desktop computers, which reduce energy consumption in a highly essential set of tools;
  • Continual adoption of higher efficiency fluorescent lighting for regular office use;
  • Scheduling deliveries in tandem to minimize fuel consumption;
  • Personal accountability for office energy management such as reducing lighting and turning off equipment in vacant offices.
  • Building on our success with this forward-looking approach, we will continue to adopt new practices as they become viable.

As a key infrastructure provider, Deltech also helps our customer to achieve similar goals through the technologies we deploy:

  • More efficient computing equipment and displays;
  • More consolidation of media assets on high density storage devices, which reduces customers’ need for power and cooling;
    Adoption of more efficient and ergonomic topologies in infrastructure designs, with accompanying gains in energy and space utilization, and employee well-being.
  • As a Canadian service provider representing companies from the US, Europe and Japan, Deltech recognizes and adheres to the following environmental codes in what we do:

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA, 1999)
Compliance with RoHS policies in the countries of our business partners:
US House of Representatives bill H.R 2420 , (US RoHS)
WEEE/RoHS Implementation in Germany
Japanese industrial standard for Marking of Specific Chemical Substances (J-MOSS)
China Ministry of Information Industry’s RoHS Directive
We achieve this broad compliance through adherence to the policies of our partner companies like Avid, HP, Panasonic, Microsoft, Intel, Adobe and others that we represent.

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