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Playout & Automation

Managing the growing complexity of playout, automation and file delivery is an increasing challenge to broadcasters. As the number of channels and platforms a broadcaster delivers rises, controlling that infrastructure is critical.

Software-based solutions, with technologies such as high-density virtualization and IP stream I/O, offer the possibility to consolidate complexity into bite-sized elements – particularly as more features can be added to collapse the length of the traditional broadcast chain.

Delivering a channel is complex with many interconnected elements costing money, requiring management and needing maintenance. Cinegy Air simplifies these challenges by supporting multiple channels with multiple features in a single box. Deploying Cinegy Air on a server brings Dolby Digital encoding, Nielsen watermarking and Cinegy Type channel branding to one integrated software solution.

The Cinegy Prompter software runs on any commodity or tablet Windows-based PC and is compatible with many standard teleprompter hardware devices available on the market.

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